MVB Life &Style Backpack
Standard Edition

Large size (12cm or 5 inches thickness)
SKU: L12


It is The Ultimate Waterproof Everyday Backpack!
Complete 360 All-weather Airtight Watertight!

It isn't just waterproof, it can float on the water forever!

MVB Standard Large L12


    Airtight waterproof MVB Bacpack provides floatation and good protection for you and all your valuables. It is a perfect go-anywhere, do-anything companion, 360 all-weather, minimalist yet versatile, offers all-day comfort with a sophisticated lifestyle design.


    Unique patented design and structure

    • two levels of zippers
    • super smooth outer level zipper convenient for everyday use
    • air-tight inner level zipper not just 100% waterproof, but also function as anti-theft design that hidden the zipper puller from the upper-level zipper.
    • the patented design also sets a new standard of the pressure-resistant and air-tight waterproof ability. 


    Important features:

    • TPU fabric (FDA grade) that is non-allergic to the skin and friendly to our environment.
    • Easy to clean - quick rinse, and instant dry.


    Included in the package:

    • padded laptop pouch with water-repellent fabric.
    • total of 7 colors of air nozzle covers.
    • a pair of removable quick-dry straps; use for backpack or side tote. 



    • Size: 42x31x12cm (Thicker version)
    • Size: 42x31x8cm (Slim version also available)
    • Weight: 0.7kg (about 1 pound)