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MVB Stress Reduction Backpack

The backpack of ergonomic comfort, eco-friendly, and worry-free parents.

The MVB Stress Reduction Backpack is an ergonomic backpack with a trendy style. It is one of the most comfortable backpacks for students, professionals, and travelers. 

(1) The patent-pending anti-gravity straps reduce the stress on the back and shoulders.

(2) The safety lights ensure the kids' safe on the road, relieve parents' worries.

(3) The backpack is made with Recycled PET to reduce the burden on our environment.


Antigravity Shoulder Straps

For weight reduction, vibration damping, and bouncy feeling.

The design of the shoulder straps borrows the concept of suspension springs. It effectively reduces the vibration and adverse impact on the back and shoulder; the heavier the backpack, the more effective it will be. The damping effect by the high-strength elastic straps prevents damage to the spinal cord and shoulder muscles. It makes the backpacks feel lighter and bouncy when walking, running or even jumping.


360 Visible Safety Lights
Improve road safety by making you visible from all directions on the road.

The safety lights ensure the kids' safe when walking home or going to school, riding a bicycle, or skateboarding; it surely relieves parents' worries. The operation is simple, click once to turn it on, click again to make it flash, and click one more time to turn it off. Each battery can last for many days of normal use, and the battery is also easily replaceable. The most important is that the safety lights are on both sides of the backpack to be visible to car drivers coming from any direction.


Recycled PET fabric

Another meaning of recycling and reducing, not just materially, but also spiritually.

The MVB backpack helps reduce the environment's burden by using the highest quality 600x600D RPET fabric, which is eco-friendly, durable, sturdy, and water-repelling. RPET Fabric (Recycled PET Fabric) is also known as coke bottle fabric, a new type of eco-friendly fabric developed by recycling and reprocess coke bottles. Its low carbon production processes have created a new concept in environmental protection, and according to the study, it saves nearly 80% of energy compared with the conventional fabric.


Superior laptop protection

via multi-dimension padding and suspension pocket

The laptop pocket is located inside the back compartment of the backpack, where the pocket is suspended to have cushion space from all dimensions in addition to the thick padding at front and back; so that it can effectively prevent the laptop edges and corners from hitting the ground and walls. The back compartment also has a 270º super smooth zipper, making the back compartment conveniently accessible from both sides in addition to the top opening. The back compartment is also designed to place large folders and documents nicely.



hidden zipper or optional combo lock

The MVB backpack has a dual anti-theft design. First, the zipper pullers can be hidden in either side pocket. Second, both of the main and back compartments' zippers can be secured with an optional TSA combo lock. Giving you peace of mind during a long flight or in the classroom or conference place, where your backpack may need to be unattended from time to time.

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Safety or lighting mode

easy exchangeable side LED modules

The LED modules on both sides are exchangeable, available in white and orange LED. The white torch module has three levels of brightness, suitable for fishing and camping, etc. The orange safety LED module can set to flashing and light up steady.

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Side pockets

with fastener straps

Two side pockets to store small items like napkins, tissue paper, mobile phones, and leaflets. At the same time, they can also hold longer items like umbrellas, tripods, flutes, or art brushes, etc. These long items can be secured with includes removable fastener straps. Two fastener straps are included, and they can also smartly used as chest straps to carry the backpack more steadily.


Perfect shoulder straps length

easy adjustable and dangle free design shoulder straps

Each shoulder strap has 12 slots that can be precisely adjusted to fit any body size and any age. The extra length of the strap can be inserted and hidden beneath the back panel. It feels like this backpack is specially custom-made just for you only. 

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Storable shoulder straps

the shoulder straps can be hidden completely inside the back panel.

When you prefer to hand-carry the bag instead of using it as a regular double shoulders backpack, the shoulder straps can be stored in the back panel easily and conveniently, and vice versa. The steps are simple, and the appearance is very tidy.


Cleverly designed back panel

best comfort, extra storage, perfect for school and travel at the same time

The backpack's back panel is padded with extra thick foam and covered with airbreathing poly-mesh, which achieve ultra-comfortable back support and cools your back. The back panel is divided into two parts; the upper parts can be used to store shoulder straps, hold the luggage handle, or temporary store some documents; the lower part of the back panel is even thicker padded for your waist, and there is a hidden pocket where you can store some important things. 


Inside the backpack

lots of space, holders, and pockets for easy and tidy organizing

The inside of the backpack is entirely covered with wrinkle-free memory fabric lining, and there are a lot of pockets for everything you carry. There are two pen holders, two zipper pockets for cards and wallet, two slide-in pockets for wallet, iPhone, and iPad, and there are two elastic loops at both sides to hold the water bottle and pencil case.