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By utilizing some of our patented designs and elements, the MVB backpack isn't just another ordinary backpack. It combines many unique and superb functions, super waterproof, super strong Kevlar shield, premium lifestyle, and eco-friendly material. It's high-end and elegant. It's an everyday carry bag that gives you peace-of-mind protection in a world that turmoil, violence, or accident sometimes happen without any warning.

MVB backpack is the best and most meaningful product we've ever created because

"It may save a life someday.”

- "Floatotepack" was named "Life & Living Backpack" originally. -

MVB Backpack

The go-anywhere do-anything backpack, & it may save a life someday! 

Sleek & Sophisticated

The premium quality, minimalistic, eco-friendly floating bag.

It floats forever

Waterproof or water resistance may be an understatement for the MVB backpack.


Bio-Degradable TPU Fabric with REACH and CPSIA standards.

100% safe material, lab tested!
FDA-certified medical-grade TPU fabric.

Make my day!

calm, comfortable, and functional beyond imagination

Air-cushion Protection

blocks and bounces away hard or falling, e.g., objects during an earthquake.

Unique, Patented, and Well Recognized by Experts

Win multiple awards in Hong Kong, Germany, & Japan.

Slim & Lightweight

more freedom, less pressure.

MVBLife & Living Backpack

The MOST VALUABLE BAGS in the world,

because It May Save a Life Someday!

Photo of MVB original

Life & Living Backpack v1.0

  1. safe for humans: medical-grade, food-safe, FDA certified.

  2. harmless to our earth: biodegradable, eco-friendly, non-toxic, meets all international standards, REACH, CPSIA, etc.

  3. premium material: newly developed TPU with leather-like texture and luxury.

  4. trendy style: a perfect backpack for the new generation.

  5. flexibility: removable QuiteDry shoulder straps.

  6. ergonomic design: super comfortable Ergo-Module for back protection and shoulder comfort, with anti-thief pockets.

  7. floating bag:  assist people to float in water.

  8. longlasting floatation: keeps everything inside the backpack from sinking into the water.

  9. super strong blocking: Kevlar embedded (SHIELD edition).

  10. max air cushion design: blocks and bounces away hard, high-speed, or falling objects.

  11. anti-burst: withstand huge pressure without damage.

  12. high buoyancy: even at full load status.

  13. outer smooth zipper: easy zip for everyday use.

  14. inner airtight zipper: for absolute waterproof.

  15. air-cushioning: maximize comfort & functions.

  16. all-purpose: suitable for all casual & extreme occasions.

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